Stripshow #2 – PDF


Stripshow #2 – PDF

What do Locus, Cauldron, Jonah, Camili-CatDeimos, Diablo, GhostboyZahn, Warren, Mako Finn, Space Cadet, Naked Justice, Captain Beedal, Impact, Jacko the Halloweener, Spot and SANTA CLAUS all share in common? They’re all part of STRIPSHOW: The collection Volume #2!
STRIPSHOW the Collection #2 collects 24 amazing comic strips in one incredible volume. With art by David CanteroJacob MottLeon de Leon, Anthony GonzalesEvo Sapien, LoganJezza SmilezNicolas Brunet and Patrick Fillion, this second volume features some of the most popular STRIPSHOW episodes released to date.
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What do Locus, Cauldron, Jonah, Camili-Cat, Deimos, Diablo, Ghostboy, Zahn, Warren, Mako Finn, Space Cadet, Naked Justice, Captain Beedal, Impact, Jacko the Halloweener, Spot and SANTA CLAUS all share in common? They’re all part of STRIPSHOW: The collection Volume #2!
STRIPSHOW the Collection #2 collects 24 amazing comic strips in one incredible volume. With art by David Cantero, Jacob Mott, Leon de Leon, Anthony Gonzales, Evo Sapien, Logan, Jezza Smilez, Nicolas Brunet and Patrick Fillion, this second volume features some of the most popular STRIPSHOW episodes released to date.
From the incredible Locus 3-part story ”Back to square one”, written by Fillion and illustrated by Leon de Leon, to the Summer 2013 smash 3-parter “the Collection” in which Zahn, Camili-Cat and Deimos are kidnapped by the mysterious Collector and meet for the first time ever, STRIPSHOW the Collection #2 is a veritable treasure trove of classic Class Comics goodness.
The episodes contained within this volume feature many of your favorite Class Comics characters, and depict important key moments in the story arcs of these heroes and no collection can be complete without it. STRIPSHOW #1 is truly a GORGEOUS collection of comics that is an intricate and essential part of the Class Comics universe and canon to all the character’s stories.Free Sampler

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