Stripshow: Your FREE monthly erotic gay comic strip!

Each month we will be putting out a new free online comic strip written by Patrick Fillion and gorgeously illustrated by a different  Class Comics artist!  These strips will star your favorite Class Comics heroes such as Deimos, Zahn and Naked Justice in fresh, sexy new stories!

New STRIPSHOW comic strips are made available first to our Newsletter subscribers, and then archived here on our site the following month. Our newsletter also gives you free exclusive wallpaper designs, as well as awesome discount codes for our comics! So if you want all that AND your monthly STRIPSHOW before everyone else, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Read over SIX YEARS of The Stripshow in Stripshow: The Collection Volume #1 as Digital Edition and Stripshow: The Collection Volume #2 as a Printed Edition and a Digital Edition and Stripshow: The Collection Volume #3 as a Printed Edition and a Digital Edition

2 thoughts on “Stripshow: Your FREE monthly erotic gay comic strip!

  1. Amazing illustrations.

  2. Update: Amazing illustrations and great stories.

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