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Leon de leon

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AKA UrbanMusiq Growing up I would almost never be seen without a pencil and paper in my hand. I remember spending much of my time watching anime like Ninja Scroll and reading Spiderman’s adventures in the pages of comic books. Just seeing these characters being brought to life lead me to believe that nothing is […]

TJ Wood

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I hail from the UK, and live in a little seaside town in Cornwall, England. I’m 42 years old, and really should know better!  I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember…I used to draw dinosaurs and battles and such like. Until I discovered superheroes! I was drawn to the colourful costumes, […]

Submission Guidelines

UPDATED October 29, 2012. Are you interested in working with us and joining the Class Comics team?  We welcome your submissions, provided each proposal adheres to our submission guidelines.  Here’s what you need to know before submitting your work.  Please note that we have made numerous changes to our submissions guidelines, effective October 29, 2012 […]

Benoît Prévot


Benoît Prévot was born in France in the Ardennes in 1968. He currently lives in Paris. A graduate of EMSAT, he has worked at various design and advertising studios, then received formal training at the CFT Gobelins to work on several animated television series. Throughout his career, he has created artwork for comic books and […]


Also affectionately known as “Spubba the Mad”, this wonderful artist made her debut in Rapture #2 on a story starring Incubus. Spubba’s been creating her breathtaking male illustrations for a little over 6 years now and you might be surprised to learn that male erotica is not the only thing Spubba creates. Not only has […]


Mike is a formally trained and over-all erotic art junky. He has been creating erotic illustrations for over 15 years. His work has appeared in magazine such as Playgirl, Mandate, Torso, Advocate Men, and Unzipped, although it is the work he has done for MEN and Freshmen magazines that have garnered him the most attention.Always […]


Max’ may be French, but he was born in Germany in 1966. He began his career as an illustrator of male erotica for such Gay publications as “Gay Pied”, “Male insider”, “Play Gay”, “H.H”, etc… In 1994, he went to work for “Project X” magazine where he began to evolve his very unique and distinctive […]