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Submission Guidelines

UPDATED October 29, 2012. Are you interested in working with us and joining the Class Comics team?  We welcome your submissions, provided each proposal adheres to our submission guidelines.  Here’s what you need to know before submitting your work.  Please note that we have made numerous changes to our submissions guidelines, effective October 29, 2012 […]

Zan Christensen

Charles Christensen, better known by his nickname “Zan”, is best known in comic circles as the founding President of Prism Comics. In addition to his work with Prism, Zan has been writing comics scripts and occasionally releasing a self-published book or two. His creations include the closeted 1940s super-hero Captain Kinetic and the slice-of-life comedy/drama […]

François Peneaud

François Peneaud is the writer for Brother to Dragons! He is a teacher, comics critic (both for his site The Gay Comics List and various French sites and publications) and occasional translator (Alan Moore’s Jack B. Quick and The Mirror of Love, a boatload of Simpsons comics, among others). He has written 3 short scripts […]